Posted by: Matt | 12 May, 2009

Talk of Politics again

Perhaps He has a point

I find it hard to tell from politicians rhetoric which party they are from any more, Conservative or Labour. Perhaps this is the true “New Labour” legacy.

With such a little divide & career politicians who are just uninspiring we might see a increase in voter apathy.

Lib Dems normally have a slightly different stance.


ps perhaps we’ve seen the last of Jordan & Andre as they were just paltibale as an entity separately I wonder if they have a slow decent into obscurity awaiting them.

Posted by: Matt | 8 May, 2009

Politicians all bloody rubbish!

Friday is upon us and the weekend has almost landed.

This weekend is one of celebration 1st is at the beach for housemates (re lodger) 40th then back to the old ranch for my mums bday on Sunday.

I was thinking if I won the Euro millions by myself, I think I might be a very happy person go off for ten years live the life a little 😉 come back write a book of all the up’s downs & naughty bits.

Then I would be left without a life’s purpose I think a great cause would to try & become prime minster with your own party & sort out the country.

I need to sort another room & get another lodger else I’m £250 out of pocket every month as the house has been signed over to me (big) hooray, Don’t think Chris signed the paperwork as it was dated for a Friday & his wife phoned me saying she had received the paperwork & posted it on to the solicitors on the monday unless it’s super fast delivery from India (which I doubt but if he’s wife signed it who the fuck cares I don’t).


ps didn’t get back to the pub quiz to see quiz girl…yet!

Posted by: Matt | 1 May, 2009

Looking forward not back

Subject of the previous post has almost lost all of her friendship privileges with me. I know she just loves all the drama of it all but why drag me into it!

I’m looking forward to this long weekend might get some surfing in 🙂 & the normal drink will be done I guess. On the drinking front I’m trying to drink less on a night out but saying that I have had beer (or few) on the last 3 nights in a row only major-ly last night at the pub quiz which we won due to a random stranger joining or team very brainy if slightly weird & smelly.

Think the Quiz girl would have liked a peace of me 😉 hmmm might go back there next week, nah more the week after see if there is some more chemistry


Posted by: Matt | 23 April, 2009

I’m not insane I’am?

If youve ever read this blog before you know I have a soft spot for someone but her latest bloke, so many wrong points.

1.Is a Doorman.
2.After there 1st time waited till she was asleep before taking pic’s of her naked on his mobile then threatened to post them on the facebook if she pisses him off
3.Never taken her out on a date.
4.Got dropped off on a different road by some girl.
5.when her mate dropped back her little girl he didn’t get out of her bed till she called a taxi for him.
6.asked her for taxi money so he could come see her.
7.Only see her after his work.
8.Gives off player vibe but not good player vibe but bad (doorman) player vibe.

There is a deference between good & bad player’s I have friend of both types it’s like the “Jedi Force & the dark side” to use a Starwars metaphor.

Why would she go back??? & why would she post her whoring ways on facebook none of my male mates do that!!

Posted by: Matt | 22 April, 2009

hmm don’t like to butt in!

My Dear brother has just told me he’s going to buy a Camper van fair enough didn’t think much more about it till I asked the price £30k What a waste of Fucking money!!!

The way I looked at it 30k+finance+Car Tax+Insurance+repairs over 5yrs(Probable life) probably looking more at £35K

Simple break even anlysis
35k spread over 5yrs is £7K & your average bed & breakfast is £140
£7k/140=50 that’s like almost going away 2nights every other weekend?

In my mind it just doesn’t stack up, but who I’m I to say as it’s not my money

Posted by: Matt | 15 April, 2009


Been awhile almost a month, not much has changed. I had to get new sofa’s & Tv as co-owners new wife came round & picked he’s one’s up, house ownership is almost sorted only paper work needs to be signed & he’s at sea! 😦

Posted by: Matt | 18 February, 2009

Had to let my fingers dance

Thinking I’m not a great blog’er it’s truly isn’t my calling as having to rephrase sentences as for the life of me I cant get that blasted little red line under a word to go away irks me to a great extent!

I’ve I feeling someone misinterpreted a post comment of mine & I’ve upset them not what was intended but people sometimes get the wrong end of the stick might have been to do with a momentarily lack of articulation on my part or a  lot to do with it. Thought sending them mail but as they haven’t brought the subject to me best idea let it die wouldn’t want to cause further unintended offence.

Since I’ve been doing my sporadic (not sure if that’s spellings right) posts, few years now loads of blogs have come & gone. Only two bloggers have made the transition to my Facebook friends list.

1st blog a read with any sort of frequency was an Australian hooker’s blog think she livid in Sydney, then there was this funny bloke in London (a right lad) but he’s has ended my moons ago cant for the life of me remember it’s title others I’m sure might remember. Only been 3 or4 blogers I’ve wanted to meet in person one being as it’s local, another one was the aforementioned London lad. But there has only ever been one subject I’ve glanced at but never properly posted about, the stigma attached to this subject is to great for this not so anonymous blog.

I’ve changed since the person who started this blog & I intended to keep evolving beyond what time normally effects, almost beyond my programming the need to reprogram, remap my mind. I’m sure I could be a figure of fun from some certain friends if they understood how much I read on the seduction community & NLP or CBT. This community is more around self improvement then easy pick up techniques as for people like me with shattered confidences after my formative years were an epicentre of confidence undermining there are no easy solutions to confidence.

I ran into an old uni friend the other night haven’t seen her since uni, she said a nice compliment that “I had aged well”


Posted by: Matt | 16 February, 2009

Bang oops


This Article made me laugh two nuclear subs bouncing off one another in the deep blue.

If they didn’t sea each other at all as it’s reported the technology is doing what it’s meant too.

These are Missile platforms designed to trundle around the ocean being silent holes in the sea. They wouldn’t be very effective if anyone could find them or if they were in port. What I did wonder is that the French are saying they hit something but not another sub are they being tight lipped or did they really not know they hit one of ours? which could led one to ask was our sub stalking the French or vice versa, If that’s the case the accident could & should have been avoided.

On a more Family tilt my Granddads in hospital he’s got diabetes and there trying to get the right balance with his med’s so he doesn’t have the passing out or fit’s he’s been having, quite a stressful time especially so for my mother.


Posted by: Matt | 9 February, 2009

Wish it was me

Gotta be having fun

Mad Stoke


Posted by: Matt | 29 January, 2009

Perky Mc perkyson

I feel I lot more perky with the Festive season behind us, even with my mid week spell of man flu which kept me away from work for couple of days still up beat.

Bonus (well technically not a bonus) heard my bosses are paying us on time which is always good to hear. We are quite busy having moved away from posh tower blocks to housing association type projects.

A friend which is equal parts cool guy & total menace is down for a few nights will be good to catch up with the So & So (hoping for more cool & less menace/annoyance). Friday night have meal with old work colleagues even think a previous boss might be there, always good to keep the lines of communication open in case I have times of need.

On the house front still stuck trying to get the mortgage company to send the right documentation so I can sign it’s taken about 4 weeks to send one form. I don’t believe that’s good form at all!! & it’s not like I’m asking for more money just a change of name.


ps I managed to reserve Al Murry ticket at the Pavilions I know I’m a sad loser going on my own but they only had 2 tickets left one in the balcony & one on the flat, My thoughts were why buy 2 tickets if I’m not setting next to my mate might as well go on my own.

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