Posted by: Matt | 1 April, 2008

Matt is not happy I’m in fact disgruntled

1st post in new Blog I was going to be upbeat

But my boss has just told me Im not getting paid! As the company is owed money so there are no wages till they get in what there owed.

Damn tosser’s I know how much money they have & it’s enough to pay the wages. But they have a VAT bill so paying that 1st! only reason there in this state is there incompetence of never saving Vat money they get.

Meaning they have to find large amounts every time the Vat is due. It’s not a difficult thing knowing you cant spend that money is it?

Ps I used to blogg here




  1. gits! have an idea in my head you work right by me.

  2. did this work?

  3. Apparently you were spam!
    I work down Stonehouse behind a nice large wall & guards to keep the locals out

  4. i stand corrected then. not a marine?

  5. haha not a booty No

  6. he he he he
    i dunno then!

  7. No Idea ether lol
    & your still being put in the Spam folder, annoying!

  8. bummer. i’m so not spam.
    i work next door to ha ha

  9. ooo careful with these guys. I worked for a compnay who were in financial trouble – they let us work the last month knowing full well they couldn’t pay us.

  10. I know these guys & there not like that my colleague been here 12yrs & it’s not the 1st time they done this he always gets his money in the end!

    Still not good

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