Posted by: Matt | 7 April, 2008

Pipe Dreams

This all might be a pipe dream!

AS my housemate wants to flog the house in the summer gives me a little freedom!

  1. Give Up my Job (not give up my Career)
  2. Go Contracting doing my current job
  3. So I can work for 2 months travel for 1 month
  4. 3-4 weeks Bali this summer
  5. 1-2 Months snowboarding in whistler early next year
  6. Maybe America around Christmas time

Do this for 1-2 years come back get proper full time job. Then in mid thirty’s start my own Consultancy in what Ive been doing since I left Uni. I actually quite enjoy my job but only way to make proper money is run your own little firm, I don’t wanna rule the world but would like a comfortable life without a boss 🙂

I see my current bosses probably take home 50k each without all that much stress & hassle. I know I could do way better then them learn from there mistakes.

1st step go see a Recruitment Agency which could feed me Contract work in this area & around the country. Thous enable me to work out if the finances of contract work ie my charge out rate would allow me to do this grand plan of mine?

Thing is I’m so in my comfort zone with my current job this is or isn’t a bad thing. Current position has only a life of 5years at most before my bosses retire.



  1. Check out – look for jobs in Oz and US too – you could work whilst you travel.

    What is it you actually do?

    I’m a contractor, it’s no different being a perm really esp. if you have no commitments. It just pays more 🙂

  2. My business card says

    “Building Services Electrical Design Engineer”

    Nice to have a job title nobody knows what I do lol

  3. I had a quick look on jobserve for ‘Building Engineer’. Seems to be a few contracts, one paying about £25/30 an hour, with the right billing compnay that would be about £4000 a month.

  4. Had a quick look myself think £25/30 would be top whack few more on other site’s around £20/25.

    So how does it work with the billing company?

  5. Urmm it’s difficult to explain. But it kinds of works like this.

    Buliding co > recruitment agency > billing compnay > you.

    That’s how the money flow.

    You end up with more money because you are in a snese self employed. You can go down the umbrella compnay route which is easier, but you get less money.

    You can set up your own compnay and bill the billing compnay – who bill the recuitment compnay.

    The reason you end up with more money in your pocket is because you can ‘claim’ expenses. I.e. petrol. Expenses are tax deductable.

  6. Ok thanks for brief break down.

    Definitely something Ive got to look into if I’m serious about this.

    Wonder if you can also claim B&B’s..etc if you work away from home & not possible to commute home every night?

  7. yes you can 🙂 and some meals, and the insurance you will have to take out, mobile phone bills – i don’t bother with phone bills etc as I think it’s taking the pee a bit. But some people do.

  8. meanwhile shep and i had or eyes peeled for you in annabelles this week but since we dont know what you look loke….or if you were even there!!
    he he

  9. nope not there had been out Thurs & Fri so I was asleep on my sofa 🙂

    That sounds like a great game spot the anonymous person lol

  10. it was i tell you!

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