Posted by: Matt | 9 April, 2008

Bad mood

I’m so frustrated, angry.

Found out why “S” has been distant & what happened to her she got raped group of her friends end up at this blokes flat easter sat night, she fell asleep, everyone else left leaving 4 of them 2 girls 2 blokes the other girl friend of S got it on with one bloke other one must of felt left out so forced himself on her she woke up with this lad on her etc…..

Yes she was very drunk but not enough for her not to remember saying NO repeatedly and trying to push him off but to no avail.

She only met this lad for an hour but knows where he works & stuff but doesn’t want & hasn’t gone to the police. I do believe her many probably thinks she was just drunk not knowing what happened changed her mind. Not “S” she isn’t a silly teenager she’s been around the block. If she wanted a one night stand wouldn’t have been her 1st or the 1st time she’s shagged someone inappropriate whilst drunk.

I believe her

She also told me where he works, his description & name. I want to go wring the fuck whits neck, I want to scare him so he has nightmares for the rest of his life & never even think about doing this again for thought of reprisals. Bones heel, does fear ever go away? always be a little dark place you don’t want to think about. S has now got this so I want him to have it

She is having post traumatic stress Counseling which is good. Bruises will fade but do they ever fade from the mind?

I’m also a little upset (maybe even jealous) it’s taken her so long to tell me, she’s told everyone else that matters to her.

Sadly this is the 2nd person I know to get raped this month, a mates girlfriend was found in the morning in a flower bed by police she had been walking home from a mates but so so drunk bruised to hell inside & out. She doesn’t remember much flash’s of being led into a house & a bookshelf but nothing more!




  1. Oh god! that’s terrible!

    Without sounding heartless though – do you really think it’s your place to ‘sort him out’? What will it acheive?

    She should go to the police.

  2. Yes a typical male reaction, would make me feel better or less useless.

    BUT obviously I’m not the one effected. I just had to vent somewhere. I managed not to say this to her when we spoke.

    Guess I can only be there when she needs me

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