Posted by: Matt | 11 April, 2008

wrong choices?

One side Ive got the problems with “S” previous entry still kicking around my head

Now I keep getting facebook massages from a friend I had a, shall we say dalliance with couple years ago in between her old longterm boyfriend & new husband. These go along the lines she made the wrong choice of cutting it off with me getting married & having a cute little baby within a couple of years with her husband who she now believes isn’t right for her! I’m not really sure what she wants me to say!?!

Since we were “close” Ive come to realise it would have been fun 😉 but it was never going anywhere longterm! She hasn’t enough life for me, Likes her bed far to much & I for one (if happy in myself) I’m a very active morning person, too full of beans some might say lol. A phrase I haven’t said for ages “your burning daylight be enough time to sleep when your dead”

I played Badminton the other night 1st time Ive played since 1994 bastards have changed the rules lol, 1st game I was wondering what was going on. Think I might take it up for awhile.

Ive also ordered a Kettle Bell for home training wonder if I start will I keep it up or like most things just be a phase.




  1. shes just bored. whats a kettle bell?


    Your probably right or she might be a little post natal?

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