Posted by: Matt | 15 April, 2008

When is the world meant to stop spinning

It’s Tuesday & I’m hungover again, mates bday yday so we got drunk, few terminators at cafe sol then some pound a pint down ride make for a very unhappy Matt the next day lol

Ive decided I only need 500 grand for me to have a very happy life indeed!

Anybody got a spare 500 grand in good old English pounds?

I don’t need millions I’m not greedy. All I want is a simple life isn’t to much to ask for?




  1. on a school night!? a\ll i did was run from our house to devils point and back! you’re so rock n roll

  2. So rock n roll I need a nap now lol

    I’m guessing your flat is in an old Navel building recently refurbished behind a nice gate & little cobbled roundabout? If I’m I right what’s it like down there?

    Ive got a 2ml jog tonight not looking forward to it!!!

  3. no its not, its next to the ‘quality’ hotel on the hoe but not the block with elton john – the other side. i’ll be running again tonight boo

    re royal william yard – i’ve been in there – dont rate it much.

  4. I was teasing as royal William yard is spitting distance from Devils point 🙂

    Don’t know which one has Elton in! you in the one just further down the hill by the arch’s

    Best flat Ive been in for size & location, my mates they rent top floor flat the other side of the grand. Not the new build but old building with private road out the front, all the rooms are huge & there roof terrace looks both ways great for bbq & watching fire works comp.
    Bonus for them it’s dead cheap £700 split 4ways

  5. what arches?
    oh yeh me n shep were nosing at those the other day – love one of them with the pretty windows n that!

  6. As you come up Cliff road you have that new apartment building then you have the Quality Hotel but right next door to new apartment building & below the hotel you have 6 Arch’s supporting a path which leads back up towards the hotel car park.

    I call it the Arch as it’s a good simple practice climbing spot often see climbers there early evening in the summer as it gets the evening sun

  7. oh right yeh thats infront on our building down a little lane

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