Posted by: Matt | 6 May, 2008

I went out Friday evening then spent the rest of the long bank holiday weekend feeling ill pumping myself full with Vit C to find off the cold it never amounted to much (thanking the Vit C) Ill enough I didnt fancy getting cold & wet Surfing 😦

Had another good day Sat just pottering around with “S” & daughter even thou I didn’t feel 100%, she’s now dumped her bf. I want to say things to her about us but never do, it’s difficult as were such good friends!?!?

I’m also feeling a bit up in the air, house getting valued on wed morning outcome will decide weather we sell or hang on to it! Still think about going contracting & a friend also told me he’s company are desperate for engineers in sin city, sand lands the much hyped city of Dubai, good earning potential.

My first thought about sin city was good money but what about “S”

Yes I’m an idiot.


ps Iron man is good flick, anybody else felt he’s robots helping him reminiscent of the Red Dwarf Scutters?



  1. hmm. you should apply for jobs in dubai and see whay happens. live a little xx

  2. What she said. Do it.

  3. Ive been seconded there before so no the place.

    Having a House or no will be a major factor, as I’m not sure leaving the gaff here. My shared owner will also be off next year, he’s a matlow away most of next year.

  4. tsk matlows.

  5. what you get for buying a house with an idiot!

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