Posted by: Matt | 7 May, 2008

house woe

House was valued today at a push we could get what we paid for it but be out of pocket for all the fee’s.

Thats if it went for that figure but probably would get knocked down to an even greater loss, Id prefer to sit it out there rather then losing money but Ive left my house mate to think about it & meet up again Friday to discuss! Might also speak to my parents see if they could help me out by paying him off & me going it alone, I’m loathed to involve others but I should “cut my nose off to spite of my face” as the saying goes

Random thought

I refer to “S” a lot on here anybody (& this is a limited number of people) who could link this & my fb wouldn’t take long to work out who “S” is. Ive always viewed blogging as a safe little sand pit can say what I want & it will not get back but when you get even a little on-line convergence things could change!!




  1. well yeh it took me about 3 seconds to work out who S was from your fb but since i dont know you or any of your fb mates you’re safe enough!

  2. haha love the “enough” bit, see why thought S had an unusual name!

  3. yeh def its pretty rare!

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