Posted by: Matt | 9 May, 2008

Weekend limited plans

Sat buy a baday present for my mum then go deliver it!

Sunday ether Zoo or living coast with “S” and her little one


ps House mate didn’t show for our pub discussion about the house I had to phone him twice!?! Turns out he doesn’t want to sell as would lose of money so instead rent rooms out, But we cant decide anything as he’s on courses for the next month. he just isn’t interested anymore.

pps I did go badminton much fun hitting “cock” “shuttle cock” that is, also there is a milf which plays 🙂



  1. i have a mate who wants to move into the city quite soon if its not too dear

  2. Cant decide anything till June, rent would be the going rate around here think thats £275 all inc pcm

  3. Hey – the law says if eithr party want to sell the other doesn’t have a choice.

  4. Thats good to know, he was the one pushing to sell I’m not looking to sell as we would lose money!

  5. oh – well don’t tell him then 🙂

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