Posted by: Matt | 15 May, 2008

Tuesday evening

Surf was ok-ish Just nice to be back in the wet stuff. Little small & little crowded, any smaller I wouldn’t have bothered. Lovely watching the sun start to dip on a warm clear evening

But the drive down was total arse think something didn’t want me to get there quickly,

  1. Traffic getting out of town nightmare.
  2. At a roundabout just inside Kernow heard a pop & smoke from my engine after 10min of investigation under the bonnet presume it’s the Aircon pump to have gone 😦 carry on down (my fingers now tingle note to self don’t touch bright green fluids next time).
  3. LPG starts playing up, have only couple of miles of petrol have to pull off to top up.
  4. Supermarket services station is jammed, couple of pumps are out of action only realise this when I pull up to one then having lost my place in the que 😦
  5. Back on the road, 2min later LPG all ok no need for petrol stop.
  6. Get suck behind “L” plate driver in the valley.
  7. “L” plate then gets stuck behind tractor……………Aaaargh!!!

Once there all good




  1. *hasn’t the faintest idead what LPG is*

  2. Liquefied petroleum gas also commonly known as autogas

    Basically its a slightly greener fuel. Its advantage is that it is non-toxic, burns more cleanly than petrol or diesel and is free of the particulates from diesel.

    upside for me its 56p a ltr

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