Posted by: Matt | 19 May, 2008

OH No it’s Monday

I’m so not feeling work today, its not just there isn’t much to do which so doesn’t help!

I just want be out doing stuff, anything but being sat here. Such lovely weather I could be at the Zoo or theme park or anywhere but here. Sunday its 25th of May year is flying past in a blurr, Day After Day, Week after Week, Month after Month. Not sure how long I can stand the excitement. I might feel this way as work is a bit boring not pushing me I have the prospect of 3weeks in Bali in July so any real decisions will left till after that.




  1. 3 weeks in bali!! stop moaning then

  2. Just moanday blues (see what I did there!)

    Nothing booked or planned yet haven’t even run it past work yet!! Not sure they will go for it even thou 2weeks would be unpaid, one of the others hasn’t run it past his work yet ether so I’m not holding out hope!

  3. yeh but still

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