Posted by: Matt | 29 May, 2008

Bloody raining IN my kitchen (wonder why this is in my draft & not published)

Weekend was ok watched my mate do the half marathon in a time of 1hr37min seems respectable beat his mates, saw another friend running oddly but didn’t see him cross the line apparently he collapsed 20m short and got carried across, made it on to the local news. After a period of time in the medic centre was allowed home think he just tried to hard to beat his last years time.

Spent rest of the day & night drinking, started down the water front about 1:30pm got a taxi home around 2:30am gotta love all day drinking. Spent Bank holiday Monday with “S”. Next weekend is my bday sure there may be some alcohol consumed.

Other things to note new house mate has been in a week & everything is fine no probs yet! lol. One thing, he did make it rain in the kitchen not his fault. My shared owner installed a new bath & did all the tilling but obviously didn’t seal it properly, you can rely on him to do a half arsed job 😦

One more little annoyance, went for a jog to Sanisbury’s & back (only little jog as feeling hungover) about 3.5mls on the flat. When I returned home found my house key had jumped inextricably out of my pocket!?!? My spare is at work, no wallet or phone I jogged to work & back an extra 4.5 miles.




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