Posted by: Matt | 29 May, 2008

Emotional Moment (not for the easily offended)

Last night on the way to a friend’s I had a emotional moment, I can’t decide if it was the curry for tea or the whole extra chill the kind lady down the sandwich shop put on my chili cheese sandwich.

The long & short of it I was caught short with a very unhappy stomach rumblings! Had to dive in to a bar to use there convinces. I had the pain, sweats & shivers, the lot. It really was quite emotional stayed to have a drink afterwards it was so emotional. That’s how the evening started, how it finished was me waking up on my sofa cold at 5:30am.

Drinking on a school night again!

Going for a curry tomorrow night, out on the lash Saturday night, seeing my parents on Sunday & catching up with “S” at some point I guess. That’s my bday weekend is planned.

I love hot food like it so much I love it when it feels like your tongue is bleeding

What damage it does to my inside is anyone’s guess?



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