Posted by: Matt | 5 June, 2008

Happyier now

Bday weekend don’t always go to plan! I didn’t plan to spend 2hrs broken down at a petrol station on my bday & make me late for family meal or for a few of my friends not to bother texting back saying they weren’t coming out for a few drinks it’s not hard is it, not impressed at all!

This week me & “S” had a text convo as I apparently tried it on with her friend at the weekend (for the record I didn’t) things to come out of it.

  • she doesn’t know how she feels about me?
  • Feels the fact I had a one nighter with a friend of hers means there nothing spacial left for her (god I’m so much more & have much more to give then one night)
  • Doesn’t want to lose my friendship
  • Doesn’t want to confuse her daughter
  • Looking for more then just fun

Id said Id marry her tomorrow no lie! haven’t heard back!!

This week I’ve been Jogging, played a game of cricket (bowled out by a 12yr old girl lol) played badminton & tonight going for another jog.

I need to get fit as Ive just been giving the all clear for 3weeks off!!! Im so happy about this cue huge;


Not 100% sure on Bali depends on air fair but we are going surfing somewhere for 3 whole weeks Ive never been on a fortnight holiday, EVER!! I wont want to come back lol




  1. she is a HEAD FUCK xx

  2. Yep & wont even talk on the phone about it only text!

    We had another text convo apparently all the reasons above & she doesn’t find me physically attractive 😦 & I should stop hitting on her friends as there always telling her that!

    So I apologised through text to her friend which was out previous Sat, Strangely so was dumbfounded where it had come from & that I had nothing to apologise for!!! So “S” doesn’t fancy me & doesn’t want me hitting on her friends, It doesnt all add up…..?

  3. mate, you need to move on from her – she don’t want you but doesn’t want any of her friends to either – thats just selfish cos she loves that you want her so much. you seem like a nice guy – go and find a girl who deserves you xxxx

  4. Yes you are right I know this but it’s difficult.
    Also I know as soon as I’m happy she will realise what’s she’s missing out on, happened last time!

    I’ve got to move on, for both of us

  5. for you – everm ind her she’s made her choice!

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