Posted by: Matt | 10 June, 2008

Apple? Rant

I’m Not a huge apple fan (Tech firm not the fruit)

But I want to know how much they backhand for this free advertising on the BBC networks, if they do?

Today I’ve heard about there new phone on the Radio, BBC news on-line I’ve not seen the TV bet it’s on the News there. Does any other phone manufacture gets such free advertising from the Beeb?? I don’t remember hearing about Nokia’s latest phone on the radio???

It’s not a technology break through & nether was the 1st one so not news worthy!




  1. how cheeky

  2. It’s giving the people what they want I guess… when the stories go up they always end up showing up in the most-read on the BBC site or whatever. It’s the same with celebrity stories – I see them and can’t help clicking into them, but you’re right – it doesn’t make it news.

    Although I am totally an Apple convert this year, so you might want to take my comments with a pinch of salt, haha!

  3. Apple convert! huh you will see all the fruit has gone bad in the end lol

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