Posted by: Matt | 17 June, 2008

Inoculations don’t hurt

Just been for my jabs re holiday.

They don’t hurt one bit & administered by the smallest needle in the world. How can anybody be scarred of those needle’s, perhaps my perspective has changed since I used to give platelets & that is a needle, nah not a needle more a drain pipe in comparison lol

Then I went to fill up 3 petrol station’s later I gave up??? I have 23 miles of petrol but around town that equates to about 8miles if I’m lucky. I hope those bloody drivers don’t go on strike this weekend I will have little sympathy for them & there 36 grand wage demand, when the Plymouth average wage is about 16 grand!




  1. oh dear. not at all smug about living in the city and being able to walk to work

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