Posted by: Matt | 11 August, 2008


Finally got round to blgging about Bali

Bali was just brilliant lol had a great time enjoyed the people we met from locals to friends new & old to all the places we visited.

Stayed in four different accommodation from the plush cottages in tropical gardens to a bed & breakfast place in hectic Kuta to a lovely relaxing Surf Camp to the ever so cheap Padang Padang Inn £5 a night between two of us, had shower, toilet no sink but a bucket!! & only cold water which wasn’t an issue out there.

During are trip we hired 3 different cars all cheap. I was the designated drive only one with intentional driving permit. driving out there is hectic as there are so many scooters all round you all the time over taking you both side’s or just generally on the wrong side of the road. Saw everything carried on scooters from glass tabled to bicycles to whole family’s on one scooter with the dog in the footwell lol

Only had couple of incidents. one were I knocked a lad off 50/50 his fault but he was ok no damage to him or our car.

Was great to drive to the airport & pick my friends Rob & Claire up they are doing round the world trip, so nice to see them again they have been gone for about 8 months. we had good times together funny thing was another couple doing similar trip saw us on the beach they now Rob & Claire from back home how random!!

Waves were cool but dropped off towards the end of the trip didn’t bother me much as I had Bali belly and didn’t feel like surfing much last couple of days.

Sun, sea, sand & cheap good food ever so friendly & helpful people when ever we asked for help or directions locals had time for you

Thumbs up to Bali 🙂

Would love to go there again but so many other places to visit



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