Posted by: Matt | 13 August, 2008

Bloody Cat!

I like Cat’s but I haven’t got a cat

So how come I was buying cat food at 8:20am when I should have been at work?

Answer being we have a light well out the front of my house. There’s a cat stuck in it! On the way to the fireworks last night noticed it down there, it was still there this morning.

Jumped down but it hid in a hole in the wall & wouldn’t let me coax/pull it out 😦 I was already late for work, bought it cat food so it at least it has had something to eat today & later my mission is to try & entice it out using food.

hopefully I will retrieve the offending felis catus




  1. awww that’s so lovely!!! 🙂

  2. Whats a light well. Is it a lit well?. Aw your so nice looking after the wee cat. Lets just hope it is not fussy and likes the brand of cat food that you like.

  3. Light/lit well is a hole which feeds day light into our lower ground bedroom

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