Posted by: Matt | 14 August, 2008

Cat part 2

I tempted the cat out with whiskers, boarded up his hole, gained he’s confidence, picked him up & then started through the hatch to my house. then it all went wrong. He obviously didn’t like that struggled & clawed until I let him go with only his collar left in my hand! He hit the board couple of times till he could hide in his hole again.

Back to square one!

Tried tempting him out with tuna, towel ready this time but every time he was almost in the right position, car would draw up or loud people walk down the street & startle the little kitty 😦

Then I realised looking at the collar there was an ID tag/pot thing with owners name & number inside.

They lived about 5 streets away, shot straight down even thou they were moving house. Soon as “Izzy” heard her voice he stared calling to her. Once she was down near him he came to her & they were happy to be reunited, she was in tears.

Izzy had been lost almost 2 weeks poor little fella now wonder he looked skinny. Owner & pet happy, so will his brother be who had apparently been sulking without his bro.

I hadn’t done much but felt good anyway having done my god deed for the day 🙂




  1. aww that’s a lovely story 🙂

  2. happy ending

  3. aww matt you’re a legend

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