Posted by: Matt | 15 August, 2008

Gotta love the comedy

Never been inspired to partake in a major festival (I have been to local ones) & listen to music all weekend long after paying a huge fee for the ticket, sleeping in a tent, using porta loo’s & getting drunk or stoned the whole time!

Nearly everyone I know loves them & I get asked what festivals I’ve a done this year or planning or if I have ever been to Glastonbury, Nope. Normally not one for putting something down If I’ve never tried it.

I think I will make the exception in this case, I’ve attended a few gigs never been that inspired. I have done the whole festival thing if you transplant World super bike event for the music part still the same huge fee for a ticket, sleeping in a tent, using porta loo & getting drunk, had a great time & would do it again or any other motor sport. I would expectationally like to catch at least one F1 event.

Another festival type thing I would love to go see is the Edinburgh Festival (it’s on at the mo) very interested in the stand up comedy & fringe part. Id see a stand up comic any night of the week rather then going to a gig, least at that you don’t get the audience saying the jokes along with the main act. Come on why do people persist in thinking I’ve paid my money to listen to the person stood next to me sign out of tune 😦 !!!

Gotta love the comedy


ps off home now for the weekend 🙂



  1. been to glasto – got wet and muddy – partially enjoyed it. prefer it when i can go home at the end of the night tho!

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