Posted by: Matt | 18 August, 2008


having just completed my euromillions ticket, I shall be spending rest of the week dreaming of what to do with 55million



  1. look at the related posts!! he he he he he

    fucking weather

  2. I’m not sure I share his joy for new socks! lol

    I certainly wouldn’t do that with towels, Hate new ones they only seem to smear the dampness give me an old used ruff even sharp towel any day. Feel clean & dry then.

    Yes weather is truly poo!

  3. no me neither but diff strokes eh. so what would you get?

  4. hmmm couple of cars to start with
    nice Estate probably an Audi for everyday use & an atom for fun. If you want to show off you can always rent a Ferrari or lambo for the couple of days.

    Penthouse flat in Plym with sea views no need for a big house, as only me!

    & loads & loads of holidays might as well see the world 1st class lol

    best of all flying lessons then my own helicopter
    & some new socks

    What would you have for your money?

  5. i dont reccomend the penthouse flat with sea views since its v fecking noisy and i cant have a dog.
    i would go off and travel the world in style though.
    i might also get some driving lessons and a smart car. i like those

  6. Why is it noisy, wind & rain?

    55mil & you buy a smart car!?! lol

  7. yes weather related noise. i like smart cars they are cool. i also like vintage jag xjs, especially in beige with which i could wear a headscarf and big sunglasses and look chic but they are nasty gas guzzlers.

  8. Nasty gas guzzlers can always be converted to LPG or other greener fuel sources for those with a green concious.

    My car does (well it did before it broke) run on LPG so I do have green credentials

  9. ok then ill have a smart and a jag. i also want a dog and a pair of siamese cats and a garden. and a neddy. and a really cool aquarium that someone will tend for me. and…

  10. and the list goes on….lol

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