Posted by: Matt | 26 August, 2008


Had an interesting Bank holiday Weekend up & downs.

Friday night I was keen as mustered to go out “on it” trying to rouse the troops provide damn difficult, normal drink companion’s were ether partnered up, working or inconsiderably away!?!

Sat at home watching tv great start to the bank holiday weekend even worse a girl I had met at a party around Christmas time (didn’t remember meeting her even after I saw pic’s of us together on fb lol) was out & seemed interested in meeting up I didn’t fancy lone gunning it to meet up with her. It transpired I must had made a very good impression on her as she wasn’t having a great night dumped her friends & got a taxi to my house much to my house mate amusement.

I never had a girl turn up to my door like that, ok I never enlightened her to the fact I couldn’t remember her one jot!

So Friday night was a success & I never had to move off the couch.

Saturday night was a mutely run ending in Oceana the troops had assembled & Fran was down (boy now lives in bath) & at the age of 25 has had enough of being called Fran & is going to use his middle name James. As we are good friends and supportive that night we all decided to use are middle names as the drinking continued much confusion ensued lol.

Sunday Morning I was furious “S” had text me earlier in the week about meeting up at the weekend. I said Sunday heard nothing back, text on Sat saying Id be at her’s Sunday morning just after 10am (normal time for us to meet) checked face book Sunday morning I had received a wall post from her Sat asking what are plans were Sunday. 10am Im stood outside her house and she’s not in or not answering the door also not answering her phone 😦 after 4-5 missed phone calls & one very stroppy text I get a reply along the lines of “we never arranged a time to meet”!?! Yes technically true but she had credit & knew what time I was turning up and just let me.

My house mate refuses to talk to me about the situation. Which is good & I think I shall do the same with my mates from now on your give an ear to listen, pass on advice once, twice, thrice & that’s it. Just say” I’m not even going to discus it with you any more, you know what happens & what will happen but you still put yourself through it”

Sadly I’m not surprised, had an inkling that outcome was the only one that morning. I know her so well that I can tell when she’s push- push pushing people away, this time it looks like she’s pushed me right in to somebody else arms. I feel I had to be stood there that morning to realise I needed to let it & her go.

I’ve blanked her since.

Sunday was a Barbican afternoon run which took in watching “mad dog” on the court steps & end up north hill in what I like to call the “Cuba effect”

The Cuba effect is when you fall out of a night club. Annabells being this one in particular & end up going Cuba bar for no other reason then its open. You end up wasting the very wee small hours there & getting home 4 or 5ish. Being an ex student I have Cuba effect if your a towny you have the very similar if not so nice Clipper effect

Monday spent being very very tired. I pick up Ali (dial-a-girl girl lol) had a lovely lunch out the Crocked Inn I do recommend the place. we sat in the beer garden watching mother duck & her four fluffy ducklings amble past, Then Ice cream at the beach afterwards all very quaint.

I quite like Ali, seeing her later this week Thursday I think.



  1. 🙂 so glad to hear it.

    I feel I’m boring my friends – I don’t talk about my ‘S’ anymore.

    As my friend workshy says ‘he’s seeping into the rest of your life’.

  2. cheers thanx

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