Posted by: Matt | 28 August, 2008

My voice!

Ages ago (no idea if I blogged about it) I sought out & found through friends a voice coach. She was fully booked but promised to contact when there was space. It’s now later on & I had forgotten about the idea until, I had an answer phone massage today. Yep there’s a place on Monday evening’s in a couple of weeks time.

Not sure if I’m up for it now. I’ve always had issues with my accent, from simple jibbing to down right bullying. I’ve felt it might have held me back in the past with work & lady’s!! Looking to the future my plan is to run my own consultancy & a yokel accent I cant seeing it helping.

My accent is pure West country, Base is Bristolian was a yokel Cornish twang on top. It’s an accent which doesn’t convey intelligence & competence.




  1. when you say voice coach do you mean elocution??
    i want some!! been meaning to check it out for ages – not because i have much an accent – more of a desire to sound like joanna lumley.
    let me know how it goes?? et c ta

  2. Hope I don’t end up sounding like Joanna Lumley lol
    Will let you know It’s in a couple of Mondays time

  3. hurrah

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