Posted by: Matt | 2 September, 2008

Another 4 day week

I Pulled a sicky yesterday (not good I know) & did nothing with it (even worse).

Got up a little late then thought & couldn’t be arsed being 20min late to work so phoned in sick instead. I don’t have many sick days also knew I’m not over loaded at work so could afford it in the grand scheme of program of work. I tidied the house, did the washing up & about four loads of washing.

Came to work this morning nobody’s mentioned it or even asked if I’m ok!

On a side note, looking through peeps comments on others facebook pic’s came across a female profile which perked my interest. I don’t know her never met her, never likely to ether.




  1. cheer up xx

  2. Sorry honestly didn’t mean to sound down reading back I don’t sound the happiest but that isn’t the case.

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