Posted by: Matt | 4 September, 2008

Hello anyone there!

Blogg world has gone a little quite?

I know one of the bloggs I read is a little down hope it’s nothing serious.

But what about everyone else is nobody doing anything of note worth blogging about?

“S” & I had an odd txt convo yesterday, think she miss me but why can she be such a cow at times??




  1. grrr

  2. We must think alike I extended the olive branch it wasn’t swatted away but not grasped, for all her talk of missing our friendship, she hasn’t asked to meet.

    All this has made it easier for me to move on & not worry about her shame we were best friends

  3. i walked away from a friendship with a guy who i know wanted more. i felt like shit and expect he does to but feel like it was the best thing for all xx

  4. to true, S & I situation is odd very odd, I think we both love each other to bit’s. But have never actually been in love with each other. I feel I only chased her because I was sad & lonely. I’m not that person any more (or try not to be)

  5. then don’t be. with no offence intended i think she sounds like a bit of a user. as in using your attention when it suits her and punishing you for your kindness and friendship which is certainly not what she gives in return.

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