Posted by: Matt | 9 September, 2008

Dog with 2 D##ks

Think the end of our none-summer has got everyone a little down.

This weekend went out on the town with some friends, turns out I’m the only single person. Feel there is a very large dusty shelf with me perched on it lol.

Students are back or will be back next week & I have no wingmen left. This makes me sad

I’m Sad in 2 ways

  1. No wingmen
  2. I’m far to old for freshers


ps new curry house down opposite Thistle park pub is very nice indeed

pps Im as horny as a dog with two dicks



  1. you should read ‘girl with a one track mind’ as so isa she!!

  2. I Read her blog but not her book yet, visited often even before she was outed

  3. i borrowed her book from onestepbeyond – its frightfully rude you know!

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