Posted by: Matt | 11 September, 2008

Winter Warmers

Sat in last night with a few Ales & Chinese (chilly crispy beef strips) & watched the footy

Wasn’t a bad game not the 2nd coming like all the pundits stated afterwards! Don’t get too excited lads

I don’t know if I read or heard it. Apparently people couple up this time of year as they like to spend winter nights cosy on a couch. This is perhaps the reason everyone I know is not single except me. I weakened & sent “S” a text about are we meeting up? (yes I know  shouldn’t have) I haven’t heard much from her lately or a different friend Sarah so I’m guessing these pair have new fella’s as I invariable only hear from them when there’s no others around or there fed up with there current squeeze.

Is it just me or can people look strangers in the eye? Last night strolling through Sainsbury’s on the way to the Ale spotted a hot chick as I walked past she looked at me did I?

  • Shoot her an easy little smile


  • uncontrollably flick my eyes away to the floor!

Yep I have no confidence it’s an automatic response I have difficulty in breaking




  1. you have to smile!!!!

    autumn is make or break time for couples – they either progress around november because its cold or they die out = best to get the break up over with before the major holidays – these are nicknamed ‘halloweenies’ by womens mags.

  2. I find it a little scary that women’s mag’s have a nickname for this stuff.

    Men are at such a disadvantage as men’s mag’s never talk about such stuff just car’s & football.
    Also bloke don’t talk to each other about such things

    On smile front I try!!!

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