Posted by: Matt | 17 September, 2008

Oyster bloody oyster my Ass

My boss turned round to me after a meeting today & asked “where do you reckon you will be in five years?”

He then started talking about me & my colleague Tim taking the firm over, would be nice 35 own consultancy firm worlds my Oyster!

I have been direction less or feel direction less, I’m very comfortable in my career, with my finices spend what I want within reason, only thing stopping from more trips away is holiday allawonce. There are a few out standing points in my life for one I don’t want to be single, also house project needs to be moved on.

But there is no real driving force behind my life, genral plan was to start or run my own firm in a few years with more experiance. Does anybody know how much or how to calculate how much a firm is worth?



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