Posted by: Matt | 23 September, 2008

Old women

I’m a game dipper I started reading about & thinking about the game last year then found & lost what I thought was my one!!

But Id never thought learning the game would involve an elderly lady (were talking mid-80s)

Yes that’s right I’m having voice coaching apparently she reckons we can do a lot with me which is good, 20min session once a week for how long I’ve no idea or how much it will cost?? had one session & afterwards realised we never spoke about cash?

Also last night I was cock blocked by my wingman. Group of us in a club being total beta’s standing around like statues finally started chatting to this girl, little bit of cocky funny working well then my mate drops in and is very good at disinterest because he is (ie doesn’t fancy her well says that) but my problem is he’s a good looking chap but more beta then me virtually girls have to jump on him before anything happens, find that very annoying before now he’s gone home with girls & not shagged them because he didn’t fancy her!! why get in my way if your not going to go all the way.

Mini rant over




  1. backbone!!!!!

  2. I had it surgically removed lol

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