Posted by: Matt | 29 September, 2008

God some people are weird!

I’m over near where my mate has bought a house tonight thought id pop in, but because his girlfriends parents haven’t seen it yet I’m not allowed to look around!!! Not sure what I can say to that except your not 6yr old’s for F##k sake. I’m starting to lose patients with him.

When he was single(I had long standing gf) I used to head out with him on the town & be his wing man. Since he’s been with his current gf over a year (& I’ve been single) I’ve not had one evening out with him & his gf has not putting in an appearance. He’s not once offered to return the favour & wingman me.

As soon as he’s got with her he’s shut down all his friends (I’m not the only one to say this).




  1. don’t think its a good week for friend good behaviour. excuse me while i go and punch someone

  2. come on spill the gossip?

  3. well i exiled my friend claire for over 6 months for being a bitch and taking the piss over me helping her with uni work – as if i even had time earlier this year. we made up again recently and i had a dinner party to meet her new boyfriend, the 21 year old dutch submariner (she is 30) – she wrecked the night for everyone by picking a fight with her baby father when we went out later and has just generally been fucking me around since then – i have been babysitting – she has been telling anyone who would listen about my uni saga – tactful to the point where when i went in uni yesterday people i dont even know were coming up to me and asking me about it. had enough!!!

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