Posted by: Matt | 1 October, 2008


My normal routine I get up around 8ish on a working day so laying in my pit I heard the tap! tap! of the door knocker my thought process was “It’s not my house it’s next door” next phone sparks into life, bloody house mate managed to forget he’s keys. At 6:55am this normally wouldn’t be an issue Except! I only got to bed at 3am-ish so that extra hour would have been most handy.

Yes yesturday I wasnt firing on all cylinder’s, even went & had a nap in my car at lunchtime lol



  1. grandad!!

  2. sshhh! Don’t tell everyone lol

  3. have u got a posh accent yet?

  4. No posh accent yet but I no how much it’s setting me back now fifty quid a term.

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