Posted by: Matt | 13 October, 2008

Feel crap

I feel like shit today, felt like shit last night, went to bed at 8:30!!! unheard of & I didn’t even go out for beers Sat night. Just feel all tired & ache kinda like flu but with only one symptom?

Spent Sat afternoon & most of Sunday with “S” and my god-daughter. Said it before probably say it again, do love playing happy family with those two. Annoyed with myself Sat because of my hangover got up to late, missed the tides and a good surf session! Trying to dial back the drinking been hitting it a bit hard lately. As someone pointed out I don’t have anything to stay in for, dosen’t make it any easier. Fell out with my house mate Friday night drunk stupid stuff no idea if there’s any underling reasons for a our falling out! he did start it.




  1. you’re missing out. annabelles ahs been jammers this week and last week

  2. what on Sat nite? damn always the way lol
    I have no idea on my weekend plans at the mo might try & steer them that direction (who ever them might be)

  3. yeh the past two saturdays. lots of girls in cocktails dresses too which makes me happy with the shortfall of well dressed revellers in plymouth.

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