Posted by: Matt | 16 October, 2008

Bugged me so far this week

I’ve had a feeling I should be WITH “S” bugging me all week since Sunday. It was the normal day out for us all good, we even went & visited my parents. I think that’s where this feeling has come from. I saw how well my mum and S interacted and enjoyed play together with my god-daughter. The sad fact is my sis in-law & bro have such a bad relationship with my parents 96% on my bro & sis in-law side due to the fact they think there better then everyone else even there own parents! My Dad can be a tit & say silly things but nothing offensive, my mum is the perfect quintessential mother. My mum even offered to knit my god daughter a cardigan for Christmas.

Another reason why this S feeling has come up again is her ability to play up the need for protection & help. She’s got herself in a stupid situation again, always does.

But what I do to battle myself and my normal tell tell response is re-read  How to handle femmes fatales it’s my inspiration to keep strong and move on from my bete position. I want S in my life but not running it by my reactions to her actions, I’m getting better at it.




  1. would s get jealous if you got a gf?

  2. haha yep (even told me so after the fact once) she is never mean to them always friendly and polite just little words of discouragement in my ear, which I take with a large pinch of salt.

  3. hmm thought so. agains she sounds just like another s friend of sheps.

  4. Two answer to this;
    1. cut her out of my life, something I don’t want to do
    2. Me to be strong mentally & not fall into her games (which she might not know she is playing)

    So you out this Sat? one day we might meet! lol

  5. i suggest 2.
    yeh shep and i are likely to be in annabels or round the barbican on sat if he makes it back from southampton in one piece!!

  6. I haven’t heard diddley squat out of her so no options necessary for the mo.

    & I was feeling under the weather so I didn’t venture out on sat

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