Posted by: Matt | 31 October, 2008

Boo! It’s Halloween

I might go to a Halloween party tonight not decide yeah or nah & nowhere near decide on a costume lol

Strange that I’ve so had little work to do all week but not blogged, The less work I have the less enthusiasm I have to blog strange. I did spend yesterday doing lighting calculations

I know it doesn’t look much but it’s almost perfectly lit spent a fair few hours on working out the nuances.

I still spend a lot of my time thinking about “S” I have this internal struggle I know the situation but cant help myself, My mood hasn’t been helped by falling out with my tenant, I thought he was a friend but some of his actions and his attitude of superiority has made it clear we are better off just housemates, no skin off my nose as long as he keeps up with the rent.

About the house I’ve sent a form to my building society to see if I can take over the whole mortgage as my co-owner wants out. If they let me then it’s just wrangling with him over how much he wants paying off for the money he’s put in. The situation is if we sell nether of us would make any money and lose what we have put in so far. If I offer him few grand he should except it rather then walking away with nil right?

Well we will see.



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