Posted by: Matt | 5 November, 2008


I’m guessing the goal of a fitness regime inst to end your Jog outside a Chinese you had order your food for in 30min knowing how long you run would take lol

Some people just cant help but be selfish case in point. I went jogging with house mate I was finishing at Chinese to pick my tea up he was going home, I had the only key which I remembered to give him when we parted company 5min later I’m at my front door knocking with my tea going cold as he’s in the shower (couldn’t wait for me to come back 1st) I have to stand in the cold for 5min waiting for him to let me in. I said nothing but just marked it down as another selfish act on his part.




  1. what a twunt

  2. haha is this some new word you made up somewhere between Twat & Cunt ??

  3. actually i nicked it off newshoes – as was. shep can’t say it though – he pronounces it ‘twont’

  4. 🙂 oh the joys of sharing.

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