Posted by: Matt | 12 November, 2008

I’am my greatest enemy

What is the main cause for me not better myself? Answer is generally me. I spend a fair amount of time, energy concerning myself with my inadequate rather then working on them.  Sat look at a depressed reflection isn’t going to set the world alight is it?

I’m trying to stand tall as in a lot of photo’s I appeared slumped (not a good look). “Don’t slouch” Isn’t as easy as it sounds, to those which aren’t stratosphere-icly challenged! Cash points are positioned at midget level (so my arse sticks out) as are most modern doors handles & the amount of times I have to stoop so my noggin doesn’t get a smashing. It all adds up to easing me into slouching again.

A Friend (confirmed bachelor) of similar stature to me had over the years tailored his house to his level, door handles, bathroom mirrors etc.. He used to take great merriment when girls round his house tried to pop themselves upon the kitchen counters they would normally fail, taken surprise of by the few extra cm’s

This Saturday I’ve managed to triple book myself, Fran friend from up the line is coming down or I have an Industry thing I’ve said I’d go to & finally I said I would meet some old colleagues out for a drink, Bloody typical been quite for a couple of weekends then go triple book myself. Current thinking is do the old colleagues thing then go see Fran as Industry thing will probably take longer so I couldn’t slip off unnoticed.


ps Ive been rejected from taking on my mortgage alone 😦



  1. re the mortgage – well at least you know!

    re the slouching – stand up straight!!

  2. re Mortgage thinking might see if my dad will go on it with me!

    other re I’m trying ‘o’ so trying lol

  3. re mortgage – thats a good idea!

    re other – just thinking of your back mate

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