Posted by: Matt | 5 December, 2008

Frayed end

I feel like a frayed peace of string today all loose ends.

I have no real direction in my life no grand scheme or goal, I live in society but I don’t really feel part of society there is no cohesion in my existence. Question; I’m working towards my own goal or for the common good. Answer; nether I work for my wage (I do enjoy my job but my job does not define me).

I only touch the lives of my family, friends, colleagues.

The “game” is in my mind a great deal as if I’m look for a crusade & feel this fits the bill, but is this really me?

Do I really want to pursue this man’s man’s dream? Of course I do just need to find my balls & hand my ego in with my coat at the door.

haha I feel differently now to when I started typing this 5min ago?!?




  1. what?

  2. Think Boredom sends me mad, It’s been a bit slow on the work front hence my Friday afternoon madness

  3. ohhhhhhh. well chin up x

  4. No worryies, I might start thinking about Christmas shopping should keep my brain occupied lol

    any Idea what happened to Blue soup?

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