Posted by: Matt | 18 December, 2008

Works xmass Meal

It’s our works meal tonight, I had invited “S” she had found a babysitter but she flaked on me! surprise surprise. Texted me today saying she’s ill on antibiotics for ear & sinus problems fair enough, but also mentioned about being depressed??
& wont answer the phone to me

I’m going to be dateless & unless we can cancel the place wasted money!

I friend phoned about going out last weekend but he was hungover so didn’t manage it, phoned again in mid-week about going out again? strange I thought as he’s the brother of one of my uni friends (I hardly ever speak to his brother now who lives up the line with his wife & daughters) but not a great friend of mine, nice lad. The last few times I’ve seen him was at his 1st marriage stage do & lastly at his current engagement as it turns out that’s failed too!

He’s a few years younger then me. one wife, child & 2nd engagement already behind him. I found it strange the girls he’s chosen aren’t lookers in fact short & fat would be the description. It’s amazing how peoples live there live so differently, I think he’s following his brother foot steps. Who also traded down in the girl friend market, but she at least came with a dowry.

Perhaps he called me as people think of me as the eternal bachelor always ready & willing drinking buddy




  1. ooh ooh wheres the dinner?

  2. Dinner was at Rockys down the Barbican last night, good (if a little tame) time was had by all. Meet my colleagues girlfriend for the 1st time, quite fun

  3. ah i see. my work do has downgraded from barbican kitchen last year to lanterns this year!

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