Posted by: Matt | 23 December, 2008

Yuletide festive fun

Well I must say I’m the most organised I’ve ever been for Christmas, presents wrapped ready to be delivered & I finished work today at lunch Bonus 🙂

Having no work tomorrow I’m going surfing in the morning.

This passage I wrote last night after consuming a bottle of red wine to myself  “was thinking the other night. I’m not a failure as you need to try to fail in your own minds eye. You cant see yourself as a failure if you haven’t really tried! I cant remember the last time I whole heartedly put myself on the line for failure or redemption. I attempt everything half heartedly, half jokey, half expecting to fail, half arsed. I have GCSE’s, Advanced GNVQ, HND, Degree (with honours), career I enjoy which pays well & a house I like. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have the gift of the gab & I’m not super bright, bright yup special I don’t think so lol. What could I have achieved/become with a little application, If I grew a pair enough to except the chance of failure the flip side of success Instead I just coast along being mediocre.”

Rantings of a drunken Matt


ps Merry Christmass one & all



  1. yeh i kind of feel like that a bit sometimes. i’m not shit hot on truly trying that hard.

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