Posted by: Matt | 13 January, 2009

21 Days since my last post

Christmas was…….Christmas as it normally is for me, time off from work & that’s it. I’ve not had a bad one but then again they have all been just a non event for the last 12yrs. Single at that time of year isn’t all that. I’ve never had a girlfriend at that time of year & having no kids ether just leaves it flat.

Yes I know I’m kinda flat at the moment, wouldn’t say depressed just jaded around the edges. I can tell by my lack of motivation & appetite probably one of the few people to lose weight over Festive period without being Ill.

Need to get active to shift this malaise, Planing on going for a run tonight & then Badminton tomorrow, where it was noticed I wasn’t quite my usually self.


ps I was out on Saturday night & saw someone I recognised from somebody else’s facebook (recognised=Fancy) just from the pic’s a complete stranger, still I couldn’t go up & chat. Didn’t help she seemed to be having a great time.



  1. ooooooh!

  2. awww 😦 sounds like you need a holiday?

  3. Thanks 🙂
    Well since this post I have perked up,

    I can always do with a good holiday anybody fancy some snow action.

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