Posted by: Matt | 29 January, 2009

Perky Mc perkyson

I feel I lot more perky with the Festive season behind us, even with my mid week spell of man flu which kept me away from work for couple of days still up beat.

Bonus (well technically not a bonus) heard my bosses are paying us on time which is always good to hear. We are quite busy having moved away from posh tower blocks to housing association type projects.

A friend which is equal parts cool guy & total menace is down for a few nights will be good to catch up with the So & So (hoping for more cool & less menace/annoyance). Friday night have meal with old work colleagues even think a previous boss might be there, always good to keep the lines of communication open in case I have times of need.

On the house front still stuck trying to get the mortgage company to send the right documentation so I can sign it’s taken about 4 weeks to send one form. I don’t believe that’s good form at all!! & it’s not like I’m asking for more money just a change of name.


ps I managed to reserve Al Murry ticket at the Pavilions I know I’m a sad loser going on my own but they only had 2 tickets left one in the balcony & one on the flat, My thoughts were why buy 2 tickets if I’m not setting next to my mate might as well go on my own.


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