Posted by: Matt | 16 February, 2009

Bang oops


This Article made me laugh two nuclear subs bouncing off one another in the deep blue.

If they didn’t sea each other at all as it’s reported the technology is doing what it’s meant too.

These are Missile platforms designed to trundle around the ocean being silent holes in the sea. They wouldn’t be very effective if anyone could find them or if they were in port. What I did wonder is that the French are saying they hit something but not another sub are they being tight lipped or did they really not know they hit one of ours? which could led one to ask was our sub stalking the French or vice versa, If that’s the case the accident could & should have been avoided.

On a more Family tilt my Granddads in hospital he’s got diabetes and there trying to get the right balance with his med’s so he doesn’t have the passing out or fit’s he’s been having, quite a stressful time especially so for my mother.



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