Posted by: Matt | 23 April, 2009

I’m not insane I’am?

If youve ever read this blog before you know I have a soft spot for someone but her latest bloke, so many wrong points.

1.Is a Doorman.
2.After there 1st time waited till she was asleep before taking pic’s of her naked on his mobile then threatened to post them on the facebook if she pisses him off
3.Never taken her out on a date.
4.Got dropped off on a different road by some girl.
5.when her mate dropped back her little girl he didn’t get out of her bed till she called a taxi for him.
6.asked her for taxi money so he could come see her.
7.Only see her after his work.
8.Gives off player vibe but not good player vibe but bad (doorman) player vibe.

There is a deference between good & bad player’s I have friend of both types it’s like the “Jedi Force & the dark side” to use a Starwars metaphor.

Why would she go back??? & why would she post her whoring ways on facebook none of my male mates do that!!



  1. oh good god is she a total masochist???
    ok i dont know how to spell it but seriously!!
    that said i had a bit of a thing for doormen in my younger days but they did take me out and not mess me around to this extent.
    i know a good few plymouth doormen and shep knows a few more – i wouldnt see my friends date any of them.
    how infuriating!

  2. Very annoying,
    She just loves the drama of it all thinking back on her past relationships there always almost some sort of drama eg falling outs with the blokes ex girlfriends or her friends saying he’s no good…etc

    Think she likes the drama’s more then the blokes to be honest, this time she’s dragged me into it.

    Seriously not happy about that at all

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