Posted by: Matt | 1 May, 2009

Looking forward not back

Subject of the previous post has almost lost all of her friendship privileges with me. I know she just loves all the drama of it all but why drag me into it!

I’m looking forward to this long weekend might get some surfing in 🙂 & the normal drink will be done I guess. On the drinking front I’m trying to drink less on a night out but saying that I have had beer (or few) on the last 3 nights in a row only major-ly last night at the pub quiz which we won due to a random stranger joining or team very brainy if slightly weird & smelly.

Think the Quiz girl would have liked a peace of me 😉 hmmm might go back there next week, nah more the week after see if there is some more chemistry




  1. where pub quiz?

  2. Seymour Arms,
    are you going to say you know the Quiz girl now??

  3. no, i just like pub quizzes

  4. She did says they were going to start one up….??…That 24hr cafe on Mutely below there I think! Winners having the chance at the £50 prize money. was it on a Friday or Saturday well something like that.

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