Posted by: Matt | 8 May, 2009

Politicians all bloody rubbish!

Friday is upon us and the weekend has almost landed.

This weekend is one of celebration 1st is at the beach for housemates (re lodger) 40th then back to the old ranch for my mums bday on Sunday.

I was thinking if I won the Euro millions by myself, I think I might be a very happy person go off for ten years live the life a little 😉 come back write a book of all the up’s downs & naughty bits.

Then I would be left without a life’s purpose I think a great cause would to try & become prime minster with your own party & sort out the country.

I need to sort another room & get another lodger else I’m £250 out of pocket every month as the house has been signed over to me (big) hooray, Don’t think Chris signed the paperwork as it was dated for a Friday & his wife phoned me saying she had received the paperwork & posted it on to the solicitors on the monday unless it’s super fast delivery from India (which I doubt but if he’s wife signed it who the fuck cares I don’t).


ps didn’t get back to the pub quiz to see quiz girl…yet!


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